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  1. Ok … so first off. I’ve recently started playing Ark with your Mod and I’m having some of the best fun ever! Thank you so much for this awesome mod! You guys are great! So … while playing this mod I’m amazed at the great stuff you guys have implemented, but it got me to thinking … “wouldn’t it be great if …?” So these are some thoughts. Some disclaimers … I’ve only played Single Player, I have NO background in programming, or modding, so if some of the stuff I’m saying comes off as stupid, unrealistic, or impossible … sorry in advance. Also, I dunno if there is any type of cultural protocol amongst programmers and modders so once again if I overstep .. it’s completely unintentional and I mean no harm by it. That being said, I currently play Ark Gaia with ALL it’s “DLC’s” as well as the following other mods (S+, KBD, Immersive training, Dino Storage, Awesome teleporters, Eco’s stuff, Upgrade Station, and Castles, Keeps, Forts). Ok! Sorry about the long intro … now to get into it.
    So as stated above I have NO clue about programming so I will start off by stating the dream desire and then add what I THINK are possible workabouts based on what I have seen in game and other modders do. I will also try to balance for gameplay and such if possible. Oh … also, I’m trying to make the ideas follow along the ideas of the lore and also to add an “RP” kinda flavor to everything that is done.
    God Roll/DESIRE: Skill trees for Dinos?
    So … it’s so cool how you have these cool skills for the different dinos. The only thing is that ALL dinos have these special skills from the get go. Is there some way to possibly make the skills have to be learned, or earned in some way?
    1. Training skills
    a. Gaia structure (Training Center)
    b. Would it possible to create a “Training Center” type of structure similar to the Gaia Ruin where dinos could be placed and have to be trained to get their special skills?
    1. First idea: Vanilla dino has to be captured. Then placed in the Trainer … then (depending on the dino) you must then insert/provide certain resources into the training center to enable the training.
    a. Depending on the type of dino … for example Pavilonius … since they have buffed weight. First capture a Vanilla dino. Then take that Vanilla dino to training center and create a certain item that will open up the weight buff
    i. (perhaps have to create a weight set with stone and metal and other basic materials – make it easy since these are the entry level dinos)
    b. If possible the dino has to use the weight set X number of times for it to get either the full weight buff or incremental weight buff (depending on what is possible).
    i. Perhaps put a cooldown on usage of the weight set, or if possible dino has to go and kill certain number of dinos, or destroy a type of resource (trees, or rocks, or even harvest) before they can apply the “weight set” item again.
    1. Quick aside: possibly this variation could be based on the type of dino? Herbivores need to kill trees or gather plants, and carno’s have to kill other dinos maybe?)
    c. Once the training is complete the dino then transforms into the Pavilonius dino
    i. I’m thinking the conversion could be done using the “Ascension” mechanic you have utilized in the mod?
    ii. OR in the alternative if you can’t convert a vanilla dino then any newly captured Pavilonius (or other) dino has skills locked until they are trained
    1. The Role Playing lore here could be that these dinos have the potential to have these skills, but only with care and training with a survivor can bring out these special traits.
    d. I have some ideas on how to do this with the other dino like the divine vs dreadful and heavenly vs demonic. I haven’t fully thought it out yet but I’m writing these thoughts so I don’t forget what’s in my mind. (BTW I got so excited about this I didn’t sleep last night so all of this might be a bit wonky – sorry!)
    i. I’m thinking maybe a different structure like an altar?
    ii. Demonic/dreadful want us to corrupt their counterparts so we will need to collect their blood (new item required here) then place that in an altar which will give us a … I dunno … corrupted essence.
    iii. NOW we capture a divine/heavenly apply the corrupted essence or in the alternative knock out and feed corupted essence like a kibble? And when it consumes the corrupted essence it turns into “BAMF” a dreadful or demonic.
    iv. Now the new demonic/dreadful is new to it’s corruption so it needs to be trained (similar to what I stated above) in order to get it’s demonic traits.
    1. Possible issue: Either dino has stats locked until trained, OR corrupting can set the dino to level 1 and it has to be trained up?
    v. However, this ‘training’ would instead involve devouring the souls/blood of innocent victims (ie. Other dinos) and then that would progressively open up buffs that those dinos have
    1. So the increase stats, the increased damage, and dreadful fire open up progressively. (Hope that makes sense)
    2. Ok .. another GodRoll/Desire here … possibly add or modify some of the skills on the dinos to reflect more their names? – more on this later!
    vi. I’ve got ideas for the heavenly side that would be different that involves more “converting” evil dinos that might use the torpor mechanic instead of killing? So evil dinos corrupt and good dinos will convert.
    vii. Another possible issue: This may mean that in the wild these dinos are now untameable … and in order to capture one now have to use this new corrupting/converting mechanic. I don’t know how you guys would like/agree with this. But I’m just putting it out there for thought
    2. Second Idea: Ok so … if the training center is not possible would it be possible to make the skills be add-able to the dinos via the mutator possibly? Or a new GAIA MUTATOR?
    3. Third Idea: Ok so THAT idea doesn’t work. Would it be possible to maybe create the tiered skill system through a series of costumes or saddles?
    a. Can dino saddles be locked out by dino level? If yes then could you create multiple tiers of saddles that are usable at certain levels?
    i. For instance using dreadful as example
    1. LVL 10 – Saddle with 10% movement increase
    2. LVL 20 – (Need LVL 10 saddle to create) Saddle with 20% movement increase and can jump
    3. LVL 30 – (Need LVL 20 saddle and some other special material like sativa, or gaia element) Saddle with 20% movement, jump, and 5% Dreadful Fire drain)
    b. So … By using the saddles that are ONLY usable by that particular dino we can still limit who gets what skills … err right? But now it becomes more tiered like a skill tree. AND by requiring the prior saddle you can’t just jump to the final saddle I’m thinking. Ya .. it’s kinda grindy, but I don’t think it’s BAD grindy and it also puts a limit on making things too easy. Right? I hope?

    OK I think that’s enough for now! I HOPE this is stuff that is helpful, or can spur some ideas. I think you guys are SO talented! I’m sure you can one-up anything I’ve mentioned here. I’ve got some more ideas like ideas on different training methods, and training tools/items (I’m thinking like mouse toys you can craft that need to be used on cats to lure and facilitate training and things like that), and of course a whole slew of items necessary for all this to happen. Once again, I have no ideas of the effort and difficulties of modding so if this comes off as totally ignorant and off base I apologize. Nevertheless, please let me know if you would like to talk more of this and other ideas and I’ll be happy to! If not .. well I’ll keep on playing and enjoying my time here in Ark Gaia!



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